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Welcome to ifind Team Building, the online directory & guide specifically designed to help you find everything you need to build a better team. Whether you are looking for fun team activities, or team development through theory based training, you can find the best team building activities, team development trainers and specialist team building venues, all from one convenient website.

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Whether you’re looking for an ice breaker, conference breakout or something exciting to reward and motivate your team, you’ll find an awesome list of ideas for your next team building activity. Browse through team building activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth and contact suppliers direct.


Structured team development is an essential part of building a high performance team. Find experts in leadership and team development, personality and behaviour profiles, such as DiSC, Myers-Briggs and Belbins, plus team motivation, coaching and change management.



Get outta town! A change of location from your normal office environment will enable your team to focus. Discover venues that are the perfect location for team building, meetings and conferences.  Why not take the team away and stay overnight for the ultimate team bonding experience.

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Building Strong Teams through Team Activities

Whatever you think of as team building, one thing is for sure - teams that play together stay together. The basis of team building is simple - getting to know, understand and trust the people that you work with through fun and educational team building activities. This leads to better communication, a supportive environment and a more effective team.

A well balanced approach to team building is essential, incorporating a mix of fun & theory based team activities. Team building is not something you can do in one hit or with one type of experience, but must be an ongoing and diverse series of team building events.

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